Symposium 2009: Global Meltdown: Examining the Worst Global Financial and Economic Crisis Since the Great Depression

TLCP's 2019 Symosium has concluded and we thank everyone who made it a great success.

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Transnational Law & Contemporary Problems (TLCP), in conjunction with the University of Iowa Center for International Finance & Development (UICIFD), the International Law Society (ILS), University of Iowa International Programs, and College of Law International Programs hosted a conference symposium consisting of three panels and a roundtable session. It featured twelve respected scholars in the field of international finance and law. The first panel addressed the general causes of global financial crises and the mechanisms that lead national or regional crises spill over into neighboring markets to develop into global crises. The second panel discussed the adequacy of regulatory responses to the current financial crises. The last panel explored various measures that could be adopted to prevent financial crises in the future.

This discussion is memorialized through author contribution to the TLCP Fall 2009 Global Meltdown: Examining the Worst Global Financial and Economic Crisis Symposium issues, 19:1 and 19.2.

The Symposium attracted the attention and participation of authors and practitioners in the forefront of academic literature and on the cutting edge in their respective professional fields. TLCP, ILS, and UICIFD were honored to provide a forum for such distinguished guests.