Publishing with Transnational Law & Contemporary Problems



TLCP is an international and comparative law journal that publishes articles addressing issues and problems transcending national and political boundaries. Submissions should be made in electronic format (preferably Word or PDF format). Citations should follow the rules published in The Bluebook: A Uniform System of Citation (21st ed. 2020).


TLCP welcomes suggestions for symposia topics and is interested in co-sponsoring and publishing the symposia of other organizations. Suggestions or offers for co-sponsorship should be submitted in writing via regular mail. Proposals should include, at a minimum, a brief description of the organization(s) involved, relevant contact information, an overview of intended symposia coverage, a list of proposed specific subject-matter to be addressed, and a list of potential participants/authors.

Organizations that have completed proposed budgets, confirmed participants or funding sources, and/or finalized other arrangements are encouraged to include such details in their proposal. Potential co-sponsors should note that the College of Law generally will provide no more than publication costsand, when appropriate and on a negotiated basis, physical space at the College of Law, basic event promotion, and/or registration arrangementstoward the costs of any conference/symposia. Organizations suggesting physical conferences should be aware that any necessary outside fundraising, extended promotion and/or materials development associated with proposed symposia will be the responsibility of the co-sponsoring organization and not TLCP or the College of Law.


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